Showcase Your Incredible Work With a Construction Time Lapse Video

In addition to our live video monitoring services, Live Patrol is proud to introduce a new service that will give your company the edge and help demonstrate the incredible work you do to a broad range of audiences.

Live Patrol’s construction time lapse camera systems capture every moment of the build and compresses hours, weeks months– even years– of hard work into minutes in one dynamic video. What better way is there to show what you do than literally showing everything you’ve done? This is an opportunity to do away with archaic slideshows and in place present a modern, to-the-point video that is as eye catching as it is informative.

Much like our live video monitoring services, we are able to start working each project from the earliest stages of development. As soon as you have the site, we can be there to scope out the area and determine the best way to capture the upcoming construction. The time lapse can begin and at any point in the process – whether it’s from conception or midway though – we are committed to showcasing the extravagance of your work in every way possible through your time lapse building construction video.

There are many purposes a time lapse construction video from Live Patrol can be used for, such as marketing, sales, promotion, and training. This is a fantastic way to present your process and progress in a succinct and vigorous fashion. Our construction time lapse camera systems can brilliantly capture and condense all of the excitement, hard work, and extravagance of the entire process into just a few thrilling seconds. Showcasing your development through our incredible time lapse building construction video is a digestible way to demonstrate and sell all that you can and will do for prospective buyers. Live Patrol’s construction time lapse photography will set you apart from other companies, showing you are modern and industrious.

Your time lapse construction video can be reviewed at any point during the process, and edited on the spot. This opens up opportunities for day-by-day presentations, quick processing between completion of the build and distribution of the footage, and easier changes in the vision or objective of the video itself. Our expert technicians are on hand to edit, cut, and adjust the construction time lapse in any way you desire. The advantage of having a team on site is we can easily make changes on the spot, and experiment with different ideas as we go. Without the need for travel or remote communication, Live Patrol’s construction time lapse photography saves you both time and money. Our small production teams understand the nature of construction sites, and are experienced in working with and around all types of developments. We ensure that we will arrive with everything necessary to ensure safety and efficiency. Our team will never intrude or compromise your development at all; they are simply there to capture your extraordinary work. You can be as involved as you want to be, our team will be working around the clock and welcomes all of your input.

Your time lapse construction video will be available on disc and via internet upload. We always make sure to have archived copies on hand should you ever need a replacement or extra copies in the future. We will set you up with immediate access to your footage from any personal device so you can review it on the go, and ensure that any edits that need to be made can be done promptly. Your time lapse building construction video can be customized and optimized for any platform, any device, and any audience. Our team of experienced experts will work with you to determine exactly what you need and how you need it, and work towards achieving your goals no matter what they may be. No building construction is the same as another, and the same goes for our construction time lapse photography. Each video we produce is unique to your development and your vision.

Our work does not end at the site; we are able to help you with the upload and distribution of your content by providing our fast, secure, and reliable professional web hosting services to ensure the very best quality streaming for your time lapse construction video.

We use the very best equipment to produce yourtime lapse construction site video. In compressing snapshots, construction time lapse videos use film efficiently and affordably, while creating an energetic and fascinating production. Our cutting-edge technology brings you the highest quality footage in ultra-HD (4K +), using the RED Epic® Digital Cinema and the Sony Fs7; top-of-the-line equipment that is highly sought after in the industry. Often you may find that time lapse videos seem to lose quality and clarity in the process, but our state of the art construction time lapse camera systems guarantee the most amazing, crisp footage that captures every detail of your development remarkably.

Live Patrol is also able to use solar setups for your construction time lapse video. This means that even if your construction is taking place in a remote area, or perhaps your site does not yet have power, we will still be able to operate our equipment completely and capture every moment from conception to completion.

Quick and crisp, time lapse construction site videos are the very best way to network and show demonstrate your work to a wide scope of potential clients and customers. They are versatile and easy to distribute across any platform, allowing prospective buyers to engage with your brand far more than ever before. Customers are far more inclined to watch a concise, enthralling construction time lapse video than to sit through a long, wordy presentation. Live Patrol’s time lapse building construction service gives you and your company a clear advantage.

In just a few seconds, a time lapse construction video can capture the very essence of everything your brand stands for. These videos aren’t just attractive to potential buyers, they’re appealing to absolutely anybody who is engaged with the current landscape of the internet. If you want to display your work in a modern, unique way that captures the eye and stimulates the mind succinctly, neatly, and accessibly, there is no better way than through Live Patrol’s construction time lapse video service.