Live Patrol Security Access Control Systems

Welcome to the future of live video monitoring services. At Live Patrol, we offer construction and property managers, business owners and industry professionals state-of-the-artsite access management solutions for enhanced building security.

With Live Patrol, office, condominium and job site administrators can take control of who enters and exits a construction zone, commercial building, government bureau or apartment complex, for added safety and security. This advanced remote program may also be set up to detect if workers on-site have undertaken proper training, have appropriate security clearance, and meet mandatory health and safety requirements.

Live Patrol is proud to present one of the fastest, most accurate emergency response systems in the industry, immediately sending help when it’s needed, and quickly determining when it is not.

Proudly Canadian owned and operated, Live Patrol delivers effective, affordable residential and commercial property security solutions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Customized Professional Building Security Management Services

Fully customizable to conform with your property’s unique safety standards and building requirements, Live Patrol access control systems may be combined with part-time guard services and our mobile security features to meet individual needs and maximize value added. Designed to protect people and property, Live Patrol’s personalized and hybrid security monitoring packages work for you by reducing the risk of unauthorized site access, employee misconduct, vandalism and theft.

In addition to providing our valued clients with instant access to important security data regarding who is on a particular, registered job site at a given time, our system may also include information such as whether or not a team member’s required training or paperwork is up-to-date. Live Patrol is pleased to offer the option of detailed company logs and summary reports for effortless, efficient building administration and effective human resource management year after year.

Advanced Technology Access Control Systems for Rapid and Efficient Emergency Response

Our industry-leading live monitoring and security access control systems are optimized through real-time analytics and backed by trained technicians in order to provide a swift response to confirmed emergencies only, making Live Patrol an efficient and economical alternative to traditional security measures alone.

Setting the industry standard for emergency response, in addition to commercial, residential and government building security, construction site access control systems monitoring, and detailed event reporting, Live Patrol does more for less: on average, our comprehensive services cost businesses 50% less than a typical guard service.

Promote a Safer Workplace with the Live Patrol Construction Site Access Control System

At Live Patrol, your security is our first priority. This means providing a safer construction site through better access control, building surveillance and faster 24-hour emergency response.

A valuable tool not only to monitor employee attendance and activity on-site, the advanced Live Patrol access control system helps keep workers safe. When even a simple miscalculation could put many at risk, every second counts. Your live feed construction site management system by Live Patrol dramatically reduces response time in the event of on-site injury, and could allow for the timely intervention necessary to mitigate damage or prevent potential tragedy. Always vigilant, Live Patrol security is your partner for a more secure work environment.

Unprecedented Security Access Control & Risk Prevention Strategies

Help prevent or prosecute unsafe or illegal activity on the premises with monitored live feed site access management by Live Patrol. Offering an extraordinary emergency response time of typically 10 seconds or less, Live Patrol has the unique advantage of reporting crime in progress to local authorities, resulting in a prioritized police visit and a greater chance of loss recovery and arrest.

Live Patrol remote access control systems and event reporting services help protect your investment. Prove supervisor due diligence with a professional construction site management system that makes it easy to verify that employee certifications are both current and satisfactory, and by choosing to receive individual company logs and detailed summary reports of activity on-site. Your archived building security video footage may be retrieved from Live Patrol by authorized personnel in the event that further investigation be required.

Stay Connected with Live Patrol Access Control Solutions for Desktop and Smartphone

Live Patrol delivers mobile site access management solutions for the modern world. We are pleased to offer remote live video monitoring services for desktop, Smartphone, and any Android/iOS device, allowing our clients access to real-time camera feeds of their job site or property any time day or night. We’re always there for you, even when life takes you elsewhere. Welcome to peace of mind, by Live Patrol.

Intelligent Building Management

Expect more from your security company. At Live Patrol, we deliver the benefits of reliable, cost-effective security access control systems and live monitoring services every day of the year. As part of an ongoing commitment to better business solutions, Live Patrol offers an Intelligent Building Management program designed to cut client site operating costs by making small changes to increase energy efficiency. In addition to mitigating security risks, providing time lapse video and mobile guard services, Live Patrol can also help you prevent flood damage with the installation of water sensors as part of our complete remote monitoring program.

To ensure a consistently high level of service, system software is routinely checked by Live Patrol technicians to be fully operational, at no additional cost to you.

Proudly Canadian Owned and Operated Access Control Solutions

Proudly Canadian-owned and operated, Live Patrol offers superior security and site access management services that understand the needs of Canadian businesses. Call our local Vaughan office to learn more about the custom construction site access control systems and security services we offer, and protect what matters, today.

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Discover effective, affordable access control systems and security services for the digital age. Live Patrol is pleased to offer live monitoring and concierge services that allow managers to stay more connected than ever before. Protect the people and places that matter to you. Call 416-477-3350 for your free, no-obligation quote on advanced Live Patrol residential, commercial and construction site access control solutions today. The future of security is now.