Truck Yard Security Solution

When it comes to truck yard video security, live remote monitoring is an incredibly effective way to keep your fleet safe.

When it comes to truck yard video security, live remote monitoring is an incredibly effective way to keep your fleet safe. Having human security guards at your site 24/7 is a high recurring cost, but leaving the site unmanned opens the potential for theft. You might be left asking yourself what the best solution is. Our truck yard video security live surveillance systems offer real time monitoring that will alert you immediately of theft attempts or suspicious behaviour occurring on your site. Think of the peace of mind you’ll enjoy knowing that your fences, gates, common areas, lots and buildings are under a watchful eye 24/7, and that any wrongdoing can be immediately reported to the authorities. Using our video analytics software systems, your truck yard and freight will be safe and secure. You’ll get automatic notifications by email, so that you and authorities can act appropriately to motion detected after hours.
 Our truck yard security video analytics can help capture license plates, facial features and dwell time on location which can be leveraged for evidence in trespassing and theft cases. Our team of knowledgeable sales and tech representatives can help create a custom video analytic system that’s perfect for your business.

Logistics Security and Truck Yard Video Security Have Lowered Crime Rates

In Canada alone, police reports indicate that logistics security and truck yard video security systems are actually lowering crime incidents in the trucking industry year over year. When asked the reason for this downward trend, police credited the ability of highly sophisticated truck yard security systems like the ones Live Patrol has provided to satisfied clients across the country for years. These discourage criminal activity and result in safer sites. Don’t leave your site without this powerful crime deterrent. Our video analytic reporting, security systems and professional team have set the standard for logistics security. Contact our office today for a customized surveillance package that works for you.

Our Logistics Security Systems Also Protect The Trucks Themselves

Aside from protecting your sites, the Live Patrol system leverages technologies like multiple cameras and GPS tracking devices to keep the interior and exterior of each truck secure. There are many benefits to this. All personnel who enter the vehicle will be accounted for, as will the contents being lowered and removed. It is benefits like these, that really demonstrate the theft deterrent abilities of our logistics security systems. Potential thieves today are becoming more and more aware of the sophisticated prevention mechanisms that prevent them from committing crimes without consequence. This results in far less crimes being committed due to fear of persecution.

A Transport Security System You Can Count On

Every day that your site goes without a high-tech transport security system, is a day your business is at risk. Let’s change that once and for all. The team at Live Patrol is prepared to learn the ins and outs of your site. We will tailor a transportation security system that is specific to your exact needs. The result? Less theft, less damaged cargo, less money lost, and increased peace of mind. Worrying about the safety of your site will take your attention off of more important matters. To know that it is always safe is priceless. This is what our truck yard security systems can provide.

Partners In Protection

In the complicated world of international logistics, LivePatrol is proud to provide C-TPAT solutions for all your freight needs. With billions of dollars crossing the border each day it is imperative that not only is your freight secure but our homelands as well. With Live Patrol’s transport security system being compliant with C-TPAT and PIP, your LTL & FTL freight will pass every security protocol to reach its destination on time, safely and secure from start to finish.  Contact our team today to create the perfect trucking security system for your business.