Live Video Monitoring Services

At Live Patrol, we deliver advanced, affordable security solutions for your job site or storage facility, car dealership, government building, high rise residence or commercial property.

A professional team known for customer service excellence, we offer individualized on-site concierge and remote live video monitoring services, construction time lapse photography and innovative access control systems, detailed event reporting and intelligent building management plans. We are pleased to provide custom options for enhanced property security and digital marketing opportunities as well as improved workplace transparency and proven energy strategies for savings year ’round.

At Live Patrol, the future of security is now.

Innovative Access Control Solutions

Advanced Live Patrol job site monitoring technologies help keep people and property secure. Our state-of-the-art access control system allows construction property managers to effectively track who is on-site at a given time and ensure that all employees and visitors present have the proper training or necessary clearance to gain entry. A simple yet effective addition at your building’s entry points, the Live Patrol access control management system limits site access to authorized personnel.

Through Live Patrol’s individual company logs and detailed reporting systems, business leaders can effectively monitor employee attendance and make certain thatindividual health and safety paperwork is up-to-date, as well as meet and maintain mandatory safety standards, improve company transparency and assure management due diligence.

Virtual Guard Tours& Multiple Site Security

With Live Patrol, business owners and property managers have the unique ability to oversee security for multiple locations and multiple properties at the same time. Our Live Patrol virtual guard tours allow the user to access footage from cameras across the premises at pre-set times, and subscribers of our mobile applicationenjoy the freedom to quickly browse different camera angles on their handheld device. At Live Patrol, we’re committed to offering complete coverage through a professionally installed and monitored industry-leading security system, updated for the digital age.

Stay Connected with the Live Patrol Mobile App

Live Patrol is security for the 21st century. Our fully customizable packages allow clients the option to access their site feed remotely via desktop, Smartphone, or any Android/iOS mobile device.

At Live Patrol, we offer premier live video monitoring services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you can check in with property or construction security cameras and access control systems reports anytime, anywhere, as little or as often as you’d like. For better quality, better service, and better peace of mind, there’s Live Patrol.

LIVEGO Mobile Guard

In addition to remote live video monitoring services, Live Patrol offers mobile guard protection for periodic site checks and dispatch when in-person security back-up is required.

Construction Security, Estate & Job Site Monitoring

When the stakes are high, insist on a security system that won’t let you down. Live Patrol live video monitoring services allow construction managers, oil and gas lead site engineers and agricultural or solar farmers to remotely monitor areas that house expensive and irreplaceable equipment, and to potentially help spot dangerous or illegal activity as it happens. We monitor registered private property and construction security cameras 24/7, to quickly identify any employee wrongdoing, unauthorized entry, vandalism, or theft, and to take immediate action when it is warranted.

We’re a security company that helps prepare for the worst, so you can expect the very best. Consider showcasing your company’s accomplishment in a competitive luxury condo market with a sleek, professional and high definition construction time lapse video, ideal not only for in-house construction employee training, but also for marketing with maximum impact.

Exceptional Live Concierge Service, Affordably Priced

 Your Live Patrol security package is fully customizable to meet your site, security and budgetary requirements. Delivering full coverage at a fraction of the cost of a traditional security guard, Live Patrol offers an unbeatable value on service without compromise.

At Live Patrol, we offer an exceptional live concierge service based on the principles of security, community and fair pricing. Our professional team based in Vaughan, Ontario offers you more than what a typical security guard can do alone, for less. Live Patrol’s custom live video monitoring services are available at approximately half the financial investment required for a competitor’s 24-hour security guard service, with more than twice the advantages for your dollar. Delivering effective and affordable access control solutions and live concierge service with the option of additional on-site guard security, Live Patrol is proud to deliver a variety of personalized hybrid programs to suit your individual business needs.

Detailed Event Reporting & Video Archives

Stay in the know with Live Patrol’s comprehensive event reporting and video archive programs. Keep tabs on irregular activity, incidents and patrol findings through detailed reports generated at regular intervals, or upon request. In the event that further investigation is required regarding possible criminal acts committed on one or more of your properties, Live Patrol may also provide archived footage from managed building and construction security cameras as important evidence towards a safety review or possible conviction.

Flood Prevention Monitoring

Help avoid disaster, before it happens. Ask about Live Patrol’s water sensing floorboard applications with MDU and Commercial integration capabilities which may help to prevent or mitigate leak or flooding damage on your property.

Regular System Health Management & Quality Control

Live Patrol is proud to offer our customers superior security and live video monitoring services at a great value, always. We regularly perform remote camera and access control system health checks to ensure that our system remains fully operational, at no additional cost to you.


Live Patrol’s intelligent building management services will save you money. Lower your monthly expenses with remote heating and cooling controls that optimize efficiency, effortlessly. Ideal for an existing structure or new building construction, Live Patrol’s cost-effective plan is a simple way to cut down on energy expenditure and reduce environmental impact, for a more sustainable way of life.

Full-Service Installation & Security Integration Solutions

Live Patrol offers custom design and installation services for our valued customers. Compatible with most existing security systems, the Live Patrol method may be used on its own, or in combination with other property surveillance programs. Ask about integrated CCTV audio options, siren, strobe and speakerphone features to deter trespassers, and other security retrofit plans for your property, and our solutions for new buildings recently completed or under construction.

A Proudly Canadian Company

Live Patrol is pleased to provide unparalleled security and live video monitoring services from our remote office based in Vaughan, Ontario. Proudly Canadian owned and operated, all of our customer support is delivered from our headquarters in the GTA. Live Patrol understands the needs of Canadian businesses and gives back to our community by providing what we believe to be the highest level of customer service not only in the country, but on the market today.

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» 50% more cost-effective than a guard (on average)
» Operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
» Eliminates false alarms and/or unnecessary emergency response using visual verification and video analytics
» Rapid response to emergency situations and dispatch of authorities
» Real-time event notifications and viewability as they occur
» Direct access to video and retrieval
» Accurate and detailed reports
» System maintenance checks and recovery
» Customized hybrid solutions available
» Highest quality of custom design and installation, not offered by competitors
» Unlimited potential for all security integration solutions