Live Concierge Services

Live Patrol Provides the Most Effective, Functional and Reliable Live Concierge Services You Can Find

Live Patrol uses remote video monitoring to ensure that your property is safe, supervised and secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is not just a security system; our Live Concierge Service is a system that works in conjunction with your current security equipment to provide management solutions that no other security service can offer. Our “live concierge” is an extensive system that not only provides live video monitoring, but also gives you all the functionality that an on-site concierge can, at a much lower price point.
This is a modern, sophisticated and reliable take on a building’s need for a concierge.
A live service that will not only streamline your management process, but also add a touch of prestige and innovation to your residential or office building, Live Patrol’s live concierge service will cut the unnecessary cost of security, maintenance and staffing, and grant you the power to manage your building with around-the-clock, versatile tools you can’t find anywhere else.


The Live Concierge machine allows us to undertake absolutely any task that an on-site concierge can, at a fraction of the cost. Our technology is truly remarkable; an innovative and unprecedented system that gives you more freedom, security and efficiency for your building than you have ever experienced. Some of the features included in our Live Concierge machines include:

  • Building Security System Monitoring
  • Live Video Monitoring
  • Remote Access Control Management
  • Amenity Bookings
  • Service Requests
  • Incident Reporting
  • Package Tracking
  • Media Library
  • Parking, Bikes & Locker Management
  • Discussion Forums
  • Resident Announcements
  • Quick Votes
  • Community Calendar
  • Classified Ads
  • Themes
  • News Letters
  • Unit Profiles

Using our online portal, you will gain access to our Live Concierge machines right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The concierge live portal allows you to communicate with tenants and receive notifications regarding day-to-day activity. In addition to having our team of security experts monitoring your property ’round the clock, you’re also able to check-in your live security feeds in real-time, toggling between cameras and keeping an eye on your site while you’re on the go. Through the Live Concierge machine, you will have complete access and control of your property no matter where you are. This lets you stay ahead of any sudden issues or conflicts that may arise, and make sure that you and your tenants are consistently notified of any important information through a modern, uncomplicated platform. Communication between tenants has never been easier and more accessible than we have made it with our Live Concierge services. We have created a hub for your building and its occupants to manage, engage, and share. Through our Live Concierge service, you will strengthen your community and better the environment of your building.

Smart and Secure from Day One

The Live Concierge service system can be installed for both new construction, and retrofit buildings. For new construction, Live Patrol can begin by designing the building security system from day one of development. Beginning at the blueprint stages, Live Patrol will work and consult with developers and builders to ensure your “live concierge” is optimized and customized for the layout of your property. The Live Concierge will be installed during construction and integrate all security systems together. This way, your Live Concierge service will be ready to operate from the moment you open the building.
Installing Live Concierge services in retrofit buildings is just as easy as with new constructions. If your building already has security systems, all that’s required beyond our initial consult is to come in and install our devices alongside your pre-existing cameras, integrating your equipment to create a streamlined, interactive live monitoring system.

Cut Costs, Gain Efficiency – Lower Your Monthly Maintenance Fees!

When you choose to employ Live Patrol’s concierge security monitoring services, you’re not only removing the need for an on-site concierge, but also for around-the-clock security guards. On average, the cost of hiring a security guard for around the clock services will exceed an annual cost of $100,000. The simple fact is, these days this is an unnecessary expense. At the same time, CCTV camera systems provide video surveillance monitoring, but lack the ability to intervene and prevent trouble that may arise. Through our Live Concierge services, Live Patrol has adopted recent technological advancements and created a system that combines the strengths of security guards and CCTV cameras, while overcoming the weaknesses. If perhaps you’re unsure that our live concierge will provide all the coverage and security you desire, or you just want a little extra protection, we offer hybrid packages that provide on-site part time security guard services alongside the video feed. This package is 50% more cost effective than hiring an around the clock guard service, and offers an abundance of additional perks.

Unbeatable Security

Our live video monitoring system provides a live feed to our highly trained expert video surveillance monitoring operators, and uses special video analytic cameras that are far more functional and versatile than your average CCTV system. Live Patrol begins designing a system for your property from the early stages of construction to ensure all blind spots are eliminated. Even when installing the live concierge machines to a retrofit building, we always ensure all angles are covered.
Live Patrol’s Live Concierge services promise the fastest available response times of any security monitoring system. With the constant video surveillance of live concierge, we are able to intervene instantly as soon as an irregular incident occurs, and contact the proper authorities from our remote facility. Our live concierge systems are routinely checked, updated, tested and maintained. Should any issues arise with the equipment, our technicians will resolve them diligently and quickly at absolutely no additional cost to you.

More than Security

Our live concierge service is not only the very best video monitoring system you can find, it’s also an innovative tool that allows you as a building manager to strengthen your productivity, efficiency and community. The Live Patrol system eliminates the need for on-site security and concierge services, creating a far more cost effective strategy to maintaining your site. There is no other service that can offer the comprehensive and vast array of resources, features and functionalities available through Live Patrol’s Live Concierge service. This is your opportunity to stay connected to your properties like never before with instant, user-friendly access available all day, every day, at an affordable price point. Contact our team today by phone at 416-477-3350, or via e-mail at for a free, no-obligation quote!