Construction Security Cameras & Live Video Monitoring Services

At Live Patrol, we strive not only to meet the rigorous security demands of the construction industry, but to exceed your expectations as security professionals when it comes to the protection of your people and your property.

As a recognized leader in remote access control and live video monitoring, Live Patrol provides a more effective, and efficient way to ensure and enhance critical job site security.

Our special video analytic cameras and expertise in the industry allows us to optimize emergency response time, reduce incidence of false alarms, and put you in control of how and when you access important information about the properties you manage. We are proud to offer the next level of job site protection to our valued clients, delivering advanced security solutions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our Services

Live Patrol delivers comprehensive live video feed monitoring and access control management services for a wide variety of residential, commercial and government institutions, including state-of-the-art 24/7 construction CCTV surveillance. Conveniently accessible to clients via desktop and mobile device applications, a Live Patrol video feed offers unprecedented transparency and security for the digital age.

Our team provides detailed reporting, as well as video evidence upon request pertaining to any irregular activities which may have occurred on your property. Continuous monitoring with emergency response also acts as a valuable preventative measure against disaster such as flooding or electrical fire, which may cause irreparable damage if allowed to escalate.

Advanced live feed CCTV construction job site security cameras operated by Live Patrol are routinely tested by our skilled technicians, at no additional cost to you, to assure consistently high quality megapixel video.

Your Security is Our #1 Priority

With construction job site monitoring comes added responsibility. A workplace with unique safety challenges requires a high level of trust in the people who oversee and undertake the tasks at hand. Whereas it would be virtually impossible to personally supervise each and every employee onsite at a given time, Live Patrol construction security cameras and remote monitoring provide management the means to ensure that development is not only completed in accordance with local building codes, but also in a manner and an environment which is as safe and efficient as possible.

In the context of an industry wherein a simple mistake can endanger the lives of others, construction security cameras can prove due diligence and may, with timely intervention, potentially identify dangerous situations and help to avoid undue risk.In order to best protect workers and visitors on your property, Live Patrol offers Level 1 Immediate Police Response for confirmed emergencies at the job site. Our security cameras, equipped to provide law enforcement with live footage of probable criminal activity, can help stop an intruder in their tracks.

Cost-Effective CCTV Construction Surveillance & Professional Job Site Monitoring

Live Patrol is a cost-effective solution for your construction site security needs. Our focus is to tailor and customize your job site security to ensure full coverage is obtained.
We also offer custom digital construction CCTV site monitoring solutions to meet your individual requirements and preferences at every phase of development. For example, you may wish to take advantage of part-time guard services in addition to the broad protection of our construction security cameras, and enjoy the best of both worlds at a reduced out of pocket expense overall. Live Patrol is pleased to offer these innovative hybrid package options tailored to your needs for a more budget-friendly approach to all-season security.



Stay Connected in Real Time with the Live Patrol Smartphone App

Live Patrol is your choice for superior integrative remote CCTV construction surveillance in an increasingly connected world. Available now for desktop and Smartphone devices, Live Patrol applications allow the client to connect with our construction security cameras and keep an eye on their prized investment through the medium of their choice. The best video monitoring system for when life takes you elsewhere, Live Patrol gives you the freedom to check in with our job site security cameras anytime on the go, and to sleep soundly knowing that your property is secure.

Instant, 24 hour Job Site Surveillance and Emergency Response, 365 Days a Year

Safeguard the entire operation with job site security cameras equipped for prompt and proper emergency response, typically delivered by Live Patrol in 10 seconds or less. Since our construction security cameras record and transmit video in real-time, any potential criminal activity is reported while in progress, resulting in a prioritized police visit and a better likelihood of loss recovery and an arrest. Live Patrol’s special video analytic cameras are able to learn the job site and to properly identify true alarms. This ultimately ensures no wasted time and resources occurs on false alarms from construction job site monitoring.

Peace of Mind, by Live Patrol

As a respected live video monitoring service committed to the ongoing security of the properties we protect, Live Patrol offers uncompromising construction surveillance in combination with swift emergency response. Check in any time you like with our applications for desktop and mobile device, or contact our live operators if you have any concerns. The future of job site surveillance is now, with Live Patrol.

Canadian Video Monitoring Station- something to think about!

Live Patrol is proud to be Canadian owned & operated. Unlike many video monitoring companies, Live Patrol’s monitoring station is located in Canada. From the design, installation, monitoring & maintenance of your construction site security- Live Patrol is able to provide the best level of job site monitoring service, while building & encouraging Canadian jobs.

Contact Live Patrol

At Live Patrol, we’re committed to providing exceptional job site monitoring services at the fraction of the cost of hiring traditional security personnel. Our construction security cameras and video monitoring services are more cost-effective and streamlined process and faster response time in the event of accident, property damage or theft. Call today at 416-477-3350, or email us at for more information about what our industry-leading job site surveillance and security services can do for you.