Cannabis Monitoring Services

A licensed cannabis facility requires 24-hour supervision in order to keep stock safe and make sure you, the Licensed Producer, are operating in accordance with ACMPR legislation (particularly Subdivision C).
Cannabis Monitoring

Live Patrol offers remote live-video monitoring you can trust, that is done in full accordance with the regulations outlined by the government. Primarily:

  • Monitoring by personnel: [Your] intrusion detection system must be monitored at all times by personnel who must determine the appropriate steps to be taken in response to the detection of any occurrence referred to in section 54, 55, 59 or 60
  • Visual Monitoring: (1) The perimeter of [Your] site must be visually monitored at all times by visual recording devices to detect any attempted or actual unauthorized access.
  • Visual Recording Devices: (2) The devices must, in the conditions under which they are used, be capable of making a visible recording of any attempted or actual unauthorized access.

Around-The-Clock Monitoring

Live Patrol will provide around-the-clock monitoring of your security system, offering protection against risks like theft, intrusions, equipment malfunctions and more. We will also ensure that the data of your security system is retained according to the guidelines set out by ACMPR. Additionally, we will conduct regular health checks to make sure that your system is running optimally and effectively.

For a Licensed Producer, navigating the ACMPR guidelines can be a daunting and tedious task. On your long list of responsibilities, full adherence to highly detailed legislation can be easily forgotten with consequences that may halt your operations. Live Patrol provides security monitoring that keeps you operating within the boundaries of the law, by offering:

  • LIVE VIDEO MONITORING – Live Patrol is able to monitor your facilities video surveillance system to prevent theft, trespassing, and ensure your system is functioning to the ACMPR standards.
  • SECURITY INTRUSION SYSTEMS – For detection and report of incidents including break-ins, flood, and fire. We will keep our finger on the pulse to protect your team and assets, and keep them out of harm’s way.
  • FACILITY ACCESS CONTROL MONITORING – Ensuring secure access by being alerted whenever doors are forced or left open. This prevents unwarranted access to your facility and its sensitive areas.

Failing to properly secure your grow operation can result in a loss of license and possibly criminal charges. Live Patrol will conduct a threat risk assessment to determine where you are vulnerable, and make sure the proper steps are taken to protect your site.

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About Live Patrol

Live Patrol is where innovation meets a cost-effective solution. Our video surveillance monitoring packages are customizable to meet your every need. Our systems are always improving and evolving to keep us at the forefront of technological advancement.

Live Monitoring System

From design, to installation and around-the-clock monitoring, Live Patrol can design and build a customizable security system to meet your facilities requirements.

Fully Customizable

As a leader in remote live-video monitoring, we know that no two sites are alike. Our systems are designed to be fully customizable in order to meet the precise needs of your site.

Lower Costs

Our surveillance methods can lower your costs by over 50% compared to using security services that rely on human guards. Our video systems don’t look the other way, don’t take sick days, and don’t have shift changes that result in security gaps. Human error will always miss things that technology catches every time.

Always Stay Connected

Our security monitoring software is an online portal where you can communicate and receive notifications. You can access the stream from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. This means access wherever you are.

Expert Technicians

When installing our systems on your job site, our technicians take all factors into consideration. All access points will be meticulously covered, with full site surveillance offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

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