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Live Video Monitoring Service: The Future is Now

Welcome to Live Patrol, where innovation meets cost effective solutions. Our well-rounded security monitoring services continue to evolve, improve, and push the boundaries of our industry, keeping us at the forefront of technological advancements.

Our state-of-the-art, remote video monitoring station was designed with your best interests in mind. Through innovative concepts and superior industry expertise, we offer a wide array of options spanning across the entire security monitoring services spectrum, while providing our clients with peace of mind by way of around the clock diligence. Live Patrol is there when you need us the most, and our video surveillance monitoring packages are customizable to meet your every need.

Live Concierge Services 

Live patrol offers more than just live security monitoring services. Our Live Concierge service allows us to monitor, secure and manage your building from our remote monitoring station.  There are three elements that make up our Live Concierge Service: Security, Community and Cost.


Make your building more attractive & sellable by promoting lower maintenance fees. Live Patrol’s Live Concierge is a fraction of the cost of having a 24-Hour concierge, while providing both management and residents more offerings.  Flow through savings and the convenience of accessing all of our program’s features remotely make our live monitoring system a must have, and an easy sell.

Live Video Monitoring in The Palm Of Your Hand

Our live video monitoring services have kept up with the times. With Live Patrol, you’ll have remote video monitoring in the palm of your hand. Access your camera feeds 24/7, using our easy to use mobile APP, or handy desktop software. Toggle between multiple camera angles, and stay in the know. Check in as often or as little as you’d like with our live monitoring system.  Receive in depth monthly reports on the happenings of each of your locations, highlighting any irregularities, and the actions taken.

Fully Customizable Live Video Monitoring Packages

At Live Patrol, we understand that no two sites are alike. As such, security requirements can often times vary, and the presence of an on-site security guard may be required. Our live video monitoring company has fully customizable security packages, able to meet all of your requirements. Ask about hybrid options, where an on-site guard can be incorporated into our services. Our methods of surveillance can reduce your annual costs by over 50% when compared to using a round the clock security guard service, and will provide you with unparalleled site coverage.

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At Live Patrol, we’re committed to providing exceptional live video monitoring services at the fraction of the cost of hiring traditional security personnel. Our live video monitoring services enhance the protection of an existing security system, for a more cost-effective and streamlined process, with faster response times in the event of accident, property damage or theft. Call today at 416-477-3350, or email us at info@livepatrol.com for more information about what our industry-leading job site surveillance and security services can do for you.

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Live Monitoring System 

Live Patrol is able to design, install and monitor the building security system right from the preliminary stages of construction. Integrating the access control system with the security cameras allows us to view, analyze and react to irregular activity occurring in the building.

Stay Connected Like Never Before 

Live Patrol’s software is an online portal where everyone can communicate and receive notifications regarding day-to-day activity right from their Smartphone, tablet or computer. Such features include: booking the amenity rooms, placing a service request, package delivery notifications, incident reports, building information & announcements, resident instruction guides and many more.

Job Site Security Packages

The best video monitoring systems are able to cover all angles efficiently. Our technicians take all factors into consideration when installing your job site security cameras, and ensure that all access points to your site are covered thoroughly. Our Live video monitoring services have quickly outpaced the competition by offering full site coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, at a fraction of the cost of traditional security measures.


Live video monitoring services means there is always someone on the lookout for irregularities on your site. In the case of potential intruders, our video surveillance monitoring team can react instantly, and send out a call to the local authorities. As a well-recognized live video monitoring company, in possession of live footage of a potential crime, our calls are prioritized to a level one; Immediate Response. This is important in that it can greatly reduce the risk of theft & damages, and increases the odds of an arrest.


Working with our live video monitoring company has the added benefit of accessing a multitude of additional tools. With Live Patrol, you can monitor, regulate and track who enters each of your worksites. A simple installation at your site’s main access points, and our Access Control Management System will act as an added layer of protection by limiting the access to your property to authorized personnel only. Add in our remote video monitoring services, and your site is sure to run smoothly, and without incident.

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