LivePatrol is a leading provider of advanced remote live-video monitoring and access control management.

The best protection of people, property and assets goes beyond just having the most advanced security equipment. It’s having full control over that system and utilizing it to its maximum potential.

At LivePatrol, we understand the difference between a poorly operated system and a highly efficient one. It is our goal to assist our clients to improve their security by integrating live-video monitoring services into their security systems. Our clients gain full control over their system, benefit from optimized performance, and save time and money. With multiple services offered, LivePatrol has the ability to customize security systems to meet our client’s specific needs.

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When You Need Innovative Live Video Monitoring Services, There’s Live Patrol


The best protection of people, property and assets goes beyond just having the most advanced job site security cameras. It’s having full control over your live monitoring system, and utilizing it to its maximum potential.


At Live Patrol, we understand the difference between a poorly operated live monitoring system and a highly efficient one. It is our goal to assist our clients to improve their security by integrating live video monitoring services into their security systems. Our clients gain full control over their system, benefit from optimized performance, and save time and money. With multiple services offered, Live Patrol has the ability to customize our live monitoring system packages to meet each of our clients’ specific needs.


Full Property Coverage At A Fraction Of The Price


We all understand the importance of continuous property surveillance in order to protect your property against theft and trespassing, but have you considered the cost? Security guards, while beneficial, are a tremendous expense, with an annual cost exceeding $100,000 for around the clock services. CCTV camera systems offer a break in price, but lack the ability to intervene when trouble arises. With the recent advancements in technology that we’ve seen in this industry, Live Patrol now offers the perfect solution: live video monitoring services. Cost effective and efficient, Live Patrol offers full site coverage to its clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our live video monitoring services begin with the installation of special video analytic cameras, which provide live feeds to our highly trained video surveillance monitoring operators. Our technicians ensure the site is properly secure with minimal blind spots by covering all angles of the site. Alarms are sent live in real-time to our remote video monitoring station when a person or vehicle enter the site during our video monitoring period. Our video monitoring operators are able to react & respond instantly by viewing the cameras on site to investigate the alarm more in detail. Our video monitoring service gives you a peace of mind and comfort knowing that your property is always being watched and protected.


Fastest Available Response Times


Live Patrol is there when you need us the most. Constant video surveillance monitoring allows the team at Live Patrol to intervene instantly when an irregular incident occurs. From our remote video monitoring facility, we’re able to contact the proper authorities, with a response time of under 10 seconds for over 95% of all alarm notifications. As a well-recognized live video monitoring company, in possession of live footage of a potential intruder, police prioritize our calls at a level 1, as opposed to a level 3, ensuring their prompt arrival. This reduction in their response time is vital in that it greatly reduces the opportunity for trespassers to cause substantial damage, or escape with valuables.


Detailed Reporting


At Live Patrol, we offer modern and sophisticated security monitoring services for today’s business owners. Our video monitoring systems are able to track events and create organized archives, made readily available to you. Receive detailed reports of all happenings on your property with Live Patrol’s customized incident reports. In addition to each report, our live monitoring system is able to retrieve previously recorded video of all irregular activity and share it with the authorities should an instance require further investigation. Take control like never before with our industry leading live video monitoring services.


Stay In The Know, While On The Go


Live video monitoring, in the palm of your hand. Take us with you on the go, or view your property from home, with our remote video monitoring app for Smartphones, or easy to use desktop software. Toggle views between camera feeds, and see what’s happening on your site(s) in real-time. Stay connected like never before with Live Patrol’s video monitoring system, and take comfort in knowing your properties are being watched diligently.


Routine System Health Checks


With a team of technicians working around the clock, Live Patrol’s live monitoring system is always in good hands. Your camera feeds are tested diligently, and any issues found are resolved quickly, and at no additional cost to you. Take your live monitoring system to the next level. With Live Patrol, the future is now.


Hybrid Security Monitoring Services Available


Get the best of both worlds. Live Patrol offers fully customizable live video monitoring packages with the option to include part time guard services. No two work sites are alike, and some may even be mandated to have an on-site guard presence during certain hours of the day. With Live Patrol, you can be fully compliant to all of your site requirements, and still receive the best in security monitoring services. Ask about our hybrid packages, and take comfort in knowing you’ll receive the best value in the business. Remote video monitoring, coupled with an on-site guard presence is a sure-fire way to ensure your property is protected from any and all threats, and will still be nearly 50% more cost effective than hiring an around the clock guard service.



More Than Just Live Video Monitoring Services


In addition to having the best video monitoring system on the market, Live Patrol offers a wide array of additional services in our security monitoring services packages. Install door sensor devices on all entry ways and exits of your building, which can be linked in directly to our security monitoring systems, and watched diligently by the operators at our remote video monitoring facility. Install a remote access control management system to log who is on your job-site at all times. Integrate our flood detection sensors into any building’s live video monitoring services package, and take a necessary step towards preventing costly water damage. With Live Patrol, you’ll have access to the leading edge in security system technology, all in the palm of your hand.


Stretch Your Investment


With Live Patrol, you have options. Are you currently using our live monitoring system on your construction site? There may be an opportunity to for you to develop a dynamic marketing video, with little to no extra effort involved! We can capture your build in its entirety, and produce a video which will showcase its progress from infancy to completion, in a matter of minutes. See change happen, and share it with your partners, use it on your website or in your next sales pitch! Tell your company’s story like never before. In addition to Ultra HD-timelapse footage of your build, we can enhance your output with additional aerial footage using professional grade drones, showcase pre-construction suite views, offer behind-the-scenes interviews with project developers and even add first person go-pro perspectives of the build. With Live Patrol, your options are endless.


Multi-Property Video Surveillance Monitoring


Live video monitoring on multiple sites has never been easier. Our technicians can provide you with a live feed from any camera, on every property, at any time– all the time. Multi-camera perspectives on any number of properties are setup in a way that allows our operators to view all premise cameras one-by-one at regularly scheduled intervals, ensuring you’re properties are always being monitored. Check in any time with our Smartphone app and desktop software, both of which are available with any of our live video monitoring packages.


Remote Access Control Management


We’re more than just a live video monitoring company. Live Patrol strives to provide each of its’ clients with complete security solutions. From our remote video monitoring station, we’re able to control access to your properties using our Access Control Management System. Once pre-registered, our system will automatically detect and document each entry and exit of the work site, so you’re always in the know ensuring everyone has their proper health & safety documents, training, or other mandatory requirements. When used in conjunction with our live video monitoring services, our access control management system takes the guesswork out of holding employees accountable for their time, and gives you a better perspective on how your day to day operations unfold. For more on our security monitoring services and access control systems, please contact our team at 416-477-3350.


Construction Site Video Surveillance Monitoring


You can’t be at your loading docks all the time. Nor can you personally track all your freight and trucks simultaneously. That’s why Live Patrol is proud to offer you customized video analytics for your truck yard. We keep a watchful eye every hour of every day for anything that seems out of the ordinary at your site. From Advanced Video Analytic detection after hours to safety and security of loading and off loading trucks, Live Patrol has every hour and every angle covered.
Live Patrol takes security seriously. We are C-TPAT & PIP compliant, ensuring our borders are safe for everyone and allow your shipments to cross the border with ease and efficiency. You can be assured your freight always arrives on time, safely and securely, at its intended destination.
Our Truck Yard security solutions offer everything from advanced video analytics to state-of-the-art, high-definition cameras. A commitment to surpass your expectations drives us forward. Contact our team today to secure your truck yard tomorrow.


Advanced Video Analytics In Trucking Sercurity


Enhance your job site’s security, safety and accessibility with Live Patrol. Our video monitoring system truly is state-of-the-art. Our technicians install analytical cameras that are sent live to our remote video monitoring facility to ensure that every angle of your construction project is covered. Receive instant notifications should an irregularity occur, and protect your site against property damage and theft around the clock. Check in anytime with our Smartphone app and desktop software. Clear monthly reporting will highlight irregularities, and address any areas for improvement within your operation’s security.


Live Concierge Services


Modern and sophisticated, our live concierge service will add a level of prestige to your residential or office building, while saving you on the overall cost of security, maintenance, and staffing. The features of our live concierge service include:


  • Building Security monitoring
  • Amenity Bookings
  • Service Requests
  • Incident Reporting
  • Package Tracking
  • Media Library
  • Parking, Bikes & Locker Management
  • Discussion Forums
  • Resident Announcements
  • Quick Votes
  • Community Calendar
  • Classified Ads
  • Themes
  • News Letters
  • Unit Profiles
  • Live Video Monitoring


We can also integrate your building’s current security system into your live concierge package, streamlining your management process even further. Intelligent building management starts with Live Patrol.


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Simple. Satisfactory. Security Solutions. Our success is driven by our commitment to surpass the increasingly high demand for reliability and value, using comprehensive and advanced security solutions. Our monitoring systems are easy to install, use, and interact with. Live video monitoring allows you to stay connected to your properties like never before, with instant access to your camera feeds, made readily available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a security guard service.


For more on our live video monitoring services, live concierge packages, timelapse capabilities, or other available security options, contact our team today by phone at 416-477-3350, or via e-mail at info@livepatrol.com

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